Negative Space

A look inside an artist's workspace... searching for that creative spark! James Obando is an artist and a bit of a voyeur - images found on the internet and collected here, click on the image for the source!

CHRISTINA ANGELINA x FIN DAC in DTLA TIME LAPSE video of this great mural!

Austrian #streetartist NYCHOS explaines how he got started with his murals and his infamous “dissected animals”.

A great interview with artist Jose Parla while he was setting up for a London show last year called Broken Language. Great insight into his inspirations, click thru…

Julian Schnabel is still working, still pushing painting today. Love this video, guy paints with his hands!

Pow Wow Hawaii 2014 recap, so many amazing street artists in one place, event went from Feb.7th - 16th, here’s the roster from their website:

Graffiti King RISK and Shepard Fairey go large on these murals in Skid Row, #DTLA.

Great time-lapse video of Street Artist Hueman at work on a large wall in San Francisco recently.

Recent video of Nychos the Weird in action. Currently residing in Detroit, this streetartist gets around! Here he is back in his hometown of Vienna, Austria.

David Choe speaks about this special project for a wine label called FinBec, 8 works on the side of wine crates and used as wine labels for limited edition wine.

RISK x OBEY covering a wall in Miami earlier this year, great to see their technique on such a large scale. Oh, sorry MOCA, hate the music.